Advantages for “Headway” brand self ligating bracket: 1. For patient comfort The same operation direction save more operation time, The bracket smooth edge design could provide the best comfort. 2. Saving operation time No need ligature, make it easier to operate and reduce operation time. 3. Shorten treatment time The low friction make teeth move faster which can shorten treatment time, early treatment will speed up 3-6 months. 4.Extended return visit time The traditional orthodontic return to clinic is about 4 weeks, but if using self-ligating bracket can be extended to 6-8 weeks. Save doctors and patients time. 5. Protect soft tissue No need to ligature, avoid soft tissue damage caused by the end of the ligature wire.It is conducive to oral hygiene and health. 6.Avoid tooth extraction Due to extremely low, make the teeth movement is easier.Some patients who have previously needed tooth extraction can avoid it now. . . . 7.Headway self ligating bracket has a variety of torques can be selected ROTH,MBT, High Torque, Middle Torque, Low Torque a variety of torques can be selected, it is helpful to solve doctors case.

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Hangzhou Headway medical equipment co., Ltd is Specializes in orthodontic products .the main products have orthodontic brackets, orthodontic buccal tubes, orthodontic bands, orthodontic accessories, orthodontic instruments and so on. All products agreed by CE, ISO, FDA certificates.

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