1.Three way syringe(cold & hot ) 1set each 高速气涡轮手机接头 1套 2.Low speed air motor handpiece tie-in 1set each 低速气涡轮手机接头 1套 3.Three way syringe(cold and hot) 1 set 冷、热三用枪 各一支 4.Automatic cup filler 1 set 自动、恒温漱口给水系统 1套 5.Water strong suction & saliva weak suction 1set 强、弱吸唾器 二套 6. LED operation light 1pcs 豪华感应式LED口腔灯 1套 7. Retatable tempered ceramic spittoon . . . 1pcs 可旋转陶瓷痰盂 1套 8. Purificatione water-supplied system 1set 净水系统 1套 9.Single armrest 1pcs 单扶手设计 10.Assistant tray 1set 助手架 11.Dental stool 1pcs 医师座椅 1张 12. Inductive air-locked rotary arm system 1set 气动锁紧平衡臂系统 1套 12.Multifunctional foot controller 1pcs 多功能脚踏开关 1套 13.Panoramic X-ray film viewer 1set 豪华X光片观片灯 1套 14.24V noiseless DC motor chair(Compensate design) 1set 24V静音电动椅(补偿设计) 1套 15. High-grade adjustable headrest 1set 高级可调位防护头枕 1套 选购配件 OPTION Built-in curing Light Handpiece kit Built-in scaler Oil-free air compressor Intra Oral Camera 技术参数 SPECIFICATIONS Power voltage:220V 50Hz Air pressure:0.55Mpa Water pressure:0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa

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Overall Rating :

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ChuangQi.Founded in 1995 is one of the earliest professional manufactures of dental units in China.Our CQ series dental chairs has been passed the ISO 13485:2016 quality managerment system cerification and CFS certification.

$ 1100.00 /piece
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